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Aus-Tex has two down draft pain booths.  We also have five Chief EZ frame machines to repair frame damage. (This is a machine with pillars and chains to pull the frame back to manufacturer specs.) We do most of our mechanical work in house. Our body and paint technicians are I-CAR certified along with our estimators.

Direct Repair Program

If your insurance company participates in the Direct Repair Program, you will not have to get damage estimates or schedule an appointment with an adjuster. After an accident, simply call your insurance agent or claims office, then bring your vehicle directly to Aus-Tex. (Aus-Tex Towing can tow your vehicle if it is not drivable.) We'll also arrange a rental car for you if that's included in your insurance policy.

Your claim is sent from your insurer electronically to us. Our estimate then goes back to the claims office and, with your approval; we begin repairs, many times on the same day. When your vehicle is repaired, you pay any applicable deductibles from your auto policy and the remainder of the bill is sent to your insurance company for payment. That's all there is to it!

The Direct Repair Program saves you time while continuing to provide the high level of service you expect. Direct Repair often reduces the time from accident to repair by two to three days. That gets you back on the road faster.

Other Estimates

Most non-Direct Repair insurance companies send their own adjusters to look at your car. We work from their estimate. If there are items missed or hidden damages, we call the insurance company direct for you and obtain a supplement.

We can only give estimated times on completion because of parts availability or hidden damages.

24-Hour Service


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Austin, TX 78753

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1408 Three Points Rd
Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Round Rock

2013 N. Mays St
Round Rock, TX 78664

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